Meteor+Svelte +?

I have used meteor in the past with Blaze and find it to be a complete web app frame work and always was inclined to Blaze as it is much easier to maintain and enhance apps further more it cleanly separates html and javascript . Over the last few years we have seen the momentum around react , and now Svelte . Going through svelte , its usability seems much like Blaze as far as learning experience is concerned. Meteor had its ups and downs and I was debating if to use Meteor or FeatherJS and I keep coming back to Meteor for

  1. I still find it much easier to build apps - Time to Market is important
  2. Reactivity - None of the other frameworks explain or give out tutorials like how Metor does - Most recently Svelte tutorials have done a great job.
  3. Simple Meteor build commands to build the apps for iOS and Android - I have gone through several frameworks , and hardly can figure out how to build apps for distribution to iTunes and PlayStores
  4. Client side minimongo .

With all the positives , there still are some drawbacks - lot of packages and sample applications ( some working and some broken , unsupported on git )giving the user lot of options , it still feels like a simple base project template is not available.


Things seems to be changing , besides I think building an app is one part , maintaining is another part and i strongly feel maintaining a Meteor App is much easier than others.
So I am on the path to writing my next app that will need the following among other regular featuers

  1. SAML authentication
  2. RestApi invocation
  3. Payment integration - Stripe for subscriptions
  4. Admin interface
  5. RedisQ access from Serverside .
  6. Which is the current router recommendation - FlowRouter ??

So all the guru’s out here …

  1. what is your recommendation for styled components?Or should I choose to use Bootstrap ?/ material ?? I am not good at CSS / design and as such appreciate if anyone can point me to a project template with svelte+ CSS styling in place that I can start off with.
  2. What are some of the Meteor packages that are actively supported with recent commits you have worked on or used in the projects . If Not Meteor Packages , node packages should be good as well .

Appreciate all your feedback on this request and Thanks in advance.

this is a collection of packages that have been targeted for continued support by the community so I would say they are the most trustworthy. There are also many other packages that continue to be supported but finding them is will involve a little more investigation on your part. But if you have any questions about whether a package is a solid choice post a topic here and people will provide some input as far as their experiences using them.

As far as a choosing a front end framework I would say React is the most mature at the moment, but Svelte does have a very familiar feel to it when compared to Blaze and I am hoping that helps make a Svelte an attractive option for people who know Blaze well and have worked with it in the past.

Svelte is in the early stages of building up its Meteor user base, so you may need to rely on the community to help you get over some humps. but by posting any issues you encounter you will be helping to blaze a trail for others to follow :slight_smile:

I am building out a Svelte app now to learn what works best so I if i can help I will and there are others on the forum that know far more than I do that may be of even more help if you do choose Svelte to build your app.

The one thing missing with Blaze is SSR, IMHO. So I started looking at VueJS and now Svelte