Meteor swag, gear, and stickers

The question that is on everyone’s mind is how can we receive or purchase cool Meteor gear to decorate our homes, laptops, and animal loved ones.

How do we rep what we’ve grown to cherish?


My last info from Alice was there’s actually now swag to buy officially (which also means with the official Meteor Logo). There’s quite a nice shirt from @sacha 's and some what i think scraped swag that i found around the web (and as Alice said they don’t give out the logo for that things it shouldn’t be there i guess).

Maybe they’ll find a good solution soon for that. I’d really like to have some great coffee cups and caps :wink:


I was trying to find some shirts and stickers for the Meetup I host, but got no replies in the meteor-captains mailing list. Is there like an online store somewhere?

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Yeah, I’d like some swag too - I guess not everybody can just create Meteor Mugs, Stickers, Scarfs and Shirts and just throw 'em in a shop somewhere, right? I guess the Meteor Logo™ is the property of MDG?

What can we actually do with the meteor logo, I mean, can I stick it on my site when I am a meteor developer?

Is there a license and public material somewhere?


I would love this! There is a shirt you can get if you visit Meteor HQ :wink: But, nothing you can just buy online. It would be a great way for community members to show their support for Meteor and promote it indirectly. :smile:

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Here are some stickers I found online. Not sure if they are officially endorsed.

I’m pretty sure they’re not endorsed, but I bought some from there as well.

Thanks for the link! I feel bad not supporting MDG if the logo is copywritten (is it?) but I also wanted shwag for my attendees. I suppose Meteor (and MDG by proxy) gets publicity either way.

fwiw, @aliceyu replied to my post about this on the meteor-captains list. Alice, would you want to post a similar reply here?

Alice here from Meteor – thanks for the tag, wulfmeister!

Right now, there is no place online where you can buy official Meteor swag. (I’ll post here if and when that changes.) However! If you run a Meteor meetup group or are giving a Meteor talk, please email me at, and I will mail you some official stickers to give out, for free. :slight_smile: I also heartily recommend the Discover Meteor tshirt… I own one, and it is super soft and stylish and high-quality.

Do let me know if you have any other questions about swag!