Meteor Tauri integration

There is a new tool for running apps as a desktop app called Tauri. The benefit of this tool is performance, at least compared to electron. Has there been any taught on the meteor side of making this compatible or is there a way to integrate meteor with tauri?

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One option would be to use SimpleDDP package to connect Tauri desktop app to a Meteor backend.

Interesting package. How about having the client part of the app wrapped with Tauri (since one can use react for the UI).

An interresting thing. I think for the team this will become a question in Q2 2022, once Tauri reaches a stable release.

That would be great. It looks like they are already working on a stable release.

Yes, I saw it on their roadmap, so I thought that would be the best point to start investing resources into integration.

Verson 1.0 of tauri has been released. Any news on this?