Meteor test-pacakges ./ --once suddenly always exits with code 130 when passing

We converted our package tests to meteor 1.3 style and they were working happily for a while. Suddenly they have stopped working. Even if all tests pass the exit code is non-zero which all CI providers are going to interpret as a failure.

Note we are using METEOR@1.3.1 explicitly because of this issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone have any idea what could cause this? I am trying commenting out chunks of tests and code to see if something is silently causing an error but it has not yielded anything yet.

$ meteor test-packages ./ --once --driver-package dispatch:mocha-phantomjs --port 9001 --release METEOR@1.3.1


All client and server tests finished!

$ echo $?

dispatch:mocha-phantomjs was just updated yesterday with some kind of exit code change but even if I specify the version before @0.1.2 the problem is the same.

###edit 2:
I’ve also tried running --release METEOR@1.3.3-rc.0

###edit 3 (workaround):
OK it is a problem with dispatch:mocha-phantomjs@0.1.3. It exits 0 for test and exits 130 for test-packages. In edit 1 I was not correctly locking down the package version as I was not running in the context of an app. The correct way to clock when running a single package test alone in the package dir is

useAll(api, ['dispatch:mocha-phantomjs@=0.1.2']);
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