Meteor Testing makes it to Ghana!

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would be willing to give my book away for free for some students in Ghana that were learning to code in Meteor. Gladly I did, and this picture made it even more worth it!


Check out the tweet here


This is the class I taught in Ghana.

If you think you could come teach startup tech in Ghana, please get in contact! We’re currently recruiting teachers for the next year.

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My team at MEST Ghana built this online game using meteor. Do check it out and give us your feedback. We are working on an update

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Would have loved to test it without having to create an account / without registering via mail or social network. In my opinion requiring users to create an account before they can try a product or service is an obstacle for them and many of them will shy away from registering, if the promised content has not been seen yet or is not something they currently really want or need.

Maybe you should make it possible for your users to access the game without the need for an account, so the users get to feel the need to actually play your game, and as soon as a user wants to vote a celebrity-picture, you could show an overlay-box, notifying the user to please register, if he wants to vote photos.

So, my recommendation is: just give away some more content (not necessarily everything though) to make the users want to register for your game.

@Knecht Ruprecht
Thank you for your feedback. We will implement this in our new update.

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