Meteor Testing of Multi-user Systems

I couldn’t find an answer to this so here goes…

I need to test an application with “approval flows”. That is:

  • Client 1 signs in as “engineering-slave-foreman” goes to a route and performs a “asks for permission” action
  • Client 2, 3 and are signed in as “engineer-slave-1” and “engineer-slave-2” go to a “work dashboard route” and stand by
  • Client 4 signs in as “corporate-overlord” goes to route and performs an “approval to go ahead” action
  • Client 1 should get approval feedback somehow
  • Client 2, 3 should see tasks appearing

What is the recommended way to go about doing such testing?

There are/were laika and gagarin but I’m not so sure about integration and support going forward.

I think you can do this with Chimp by adding the CUCUMBER_BROWSERS=<N> env variable, then access the different browsers via

var browsers;

this.Before(function() {
  browsers = {
    Alice: browser.instances[0],
    Bob: browser.instances[1]

the only caveat is I’m not sure if each browser will have its own independent cookies, if not you might not be able to log into different accounts in each browser

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