Meteor throwing tons of errors

Hi, about an two hours ago meteor was working fine, went had some coffee came back and now meteor is throwing this errors in the browser console:

I have been trying to debug it now for 1.5 hours with no success, please could someone help me?

Step 1, check git status or whatever version control you use. Did you change anything? Was anything changed?

Step 2, restart your app and see if that fixes it.

Get back to us.

tried both, I even tried making a new meteor project, and it still threw the same errors.

oh and no I didnt change anything

Any errors in your Meteor console?

Have you checked your hardware … is the disk full?

nope, there isnt any errors in the meteor console, and I have 12.1 gb remaining of my hardrive

i guess you might want to try Meteor 1.2

Try running meteor reset

Tried that, and @seanh I am already using meteor 1.2.1 but it shouldnt make any difference as it was working on 1.2.1 before,

Have you tried turning your computer off an on again?

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Have you tried other browsers? Also - can you share the source for blog.js (want to see your first Meteor reference).

first of all love your IT crowd reference. and I will try that in a tiny bit.

Yeah, always wanted to use that in context. But it might actually help in this case.

@hwillson here is my blog.js:

`postCol = new Meteor.Collection("posts");
commentCol = new Meteor.Collection("comments")
if (Meteor.isClient) {{
        'submit #BlogPostForm':function(){
            title = $('#AddPost_title').val();
            body = $('#AddPost_body').val();
            catogory = $('#AddPost_Catogory').val();

                createdAt: new Date()
            $('#AddPost_title').val(" ");
            $('#AddPost_body').val(" ");
            $('#AddPost_Catogory').val(" ");
            return false;

        'submit #addCommentForm':function(event){

            CommentText = $('#commentText').val();
            CommentorName = $('#commentor').val();
            CommentEmail = $('#commentorEmail').val();
            idpt = $('#CIDPT').val();


    Template.main.all_items = function(){
        return postCol.find({},{sort:{createdAt:-1}})

    Router.route('/addpost', function () {
    Router.route('/', function () {

    Router.route('/post/:_id', function () {
        this.render('postPage', {
            data: function () {
                return postCol.findOne({_id: this.params._id});


if (Meteor.isServer) {
    Meteor.startup(function () {
        // code to run on server at startup


and for some screwed reason it works in safari but not chrome

If it’s working on Safari, then it’s an issue with Chrome; try clearing your Chrome cache and any localhost cookies.

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Are you using materialize:materialize? There does seem to be a bit of a pattern emerging after googling this.

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Works, now (cleared cache) well thats screwed xD thanks for all you help! and everyone else who helped!

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Awesome - thanks for the round of Meteor troubleshooting ping pong!

I’ve seen this error twice in 2 years and both times it went away with progressively more drastic reset actions. I never bothered to investigate it because most things on a computer go weird every now and then and it never occurred on any deployed servers, only locally. Does sound like Chrome is the problem though (I saw it both times in Chrome).

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