Meteor to graphql, how to handle exceptions?

Hey guys
We have moved recently in our react-native side from Meteor to react-apollo w/ graphql.
Now, in the web app, we are still using Meteor.
Currently, we throw exceptions with throw new Meteor.error(...).
But, when we use a mutation in the rn side, we get error like:
Error: GraphQL error: OUR_CAUSE_OF_ERROR. [404].
Now, i can use string.replace and mutate this string, but i dont think it’s the best practice…
Does any1 here has a suggestion how to handle correctly the erros? maybe throw an other type of error? thx in advance :slight_smile:


I think it’s a good solution :

loginWithPassword({ email, password }, client).then( res => {
			callback(null, true);
		}).catch( err => {
			const errors = err => err.message ); //will give you an array of all the error messages
			return dispatch({ type: HANDLE_LOGIN });

If you need more flexibility on the GraphQL side, graphql-apollo-errors offers more flexible error reporting to the client.