Meteor Tools for Visual Studio?


I was enthused to see “Meteor Tools for Visual Studio” here, but was nonplussed to see “Last edited Dec 25, 2013

Then, when I went to the Downloads tab, it says, “This project has no releases.

Was zum Teufel ist hier eigentlich los? ¡Que calamidad!


I understand that a lot of people enjoy using Webstorm with Meteor, if you’re looking for an IDE.


Thanks; I tried WebStorm and, although I’m a big fan of their product Resharper, I prefer Atom so far for Meteor development. Not only is it better, it’s free. But something that was to Meteor what Visual Studio is to.NET would be “the bomb”


Yep, I use Atom as well. Haven’t bothered customizing it for Meteor at all, though!


It’s better with the Meteor packages - pretty darned good, in fact. But I’ve been “spoiled” by Visual Studio, being able to access context menu items to get all sorts of data about the current object, etc. I envision something of that magnitude/power for Meteor. The “prehistoric” (or “cave-man”) days of a movement can be thrilling, but dragging that big unwieldy club around eventually gets cumbersome.



You seen like a .Net developer trying to dip your toes into the Meteor work…

I’m curious as I’m . Net guy and a SharePoint dev. and am wondering how well these technologies jive together.

Have you done a hello world app yet?



Yes, I created a quick-and-dirty scheduling app (static content) which I have since taken down.

I also created a couple of other “throw-away” apps and a “personal Blog” of sorts at

In addition, I’m working on a couple of more ambitious projects; one may be complete in several weeks, the other in several months.

The similarities with .NET and Sharepoint and Meteor are the HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery portion.


So Meteor is the glue between the HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the SharePoint functionality?

So did you get so far having something to add a user to a SP Group or customizing the Search page?


No, I don’t use Meteor in connection with Sharepoint. I was just saying that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are what the two have in common.


I tried WebStorm which seems to be the recommended development environment for Meteor. However, having come from .NET development, it is nowhere near as good as Visual Studio. I’ve realized how good I’ve had it after so many years of .NET development. Visual Studio is the holy grail of software development environments.

I’ve resorted to using Visual Studio 2015 for Meteor development simply by opening a Meteor application as a web site. Just the text editor functionality alone is excellent for programming.

Those who have never tried Visual Studio have no idea how much easier and productive programming can be with it. I’d suggest giving it a try. You can download “Visual Studio Code” which I believe is just the text editor part of Visual Studio and is offered free by Microsoft.


Thanks; I have also worked for Visual Studio for years, and am now “spoiled” as to the debugging features, code completion, etc. Another awesome coding environment is Droidio (Android Studio), although I haven’t used in a long time, since I have done no Android development in a long time.


Just goes to show different strokes for different folks holds true for editors as well. I work in .NET for the day job with VS and ReSharper… I agree you get a lot of bells and whistles with that combination but nowadays I much prefer simple light weight editors like Sublime… I just find VS is too clunky and slow, plus 10GB install size for the enterprise install is getting a little ridiculous!


What’s 10GB when you’ve got a trillion?