Meteor-tools is in $HOME/.meteor/packages why does my project try to download it?

I have to do an offline install of meteor. (Which is hard enough as it is because there’s not an obvious offline installer. I basically downloaded the pieces of, and followed the install script posted on, That said, meteor works fine. However, in my project directory, when I run meteor, it tries to download meteor-tools (again). It’s already in $HOME/.meteor/packages. Should it be trying to download it again (same version)?

This is on RHEL 7.4 if that matters.

Any help would be great. I have to put this all onto a hard drive and take it to a location not connected to the Internet for install like Monday :slight_smile:

Is the version installed in $HOME/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool the same as the version your app is expecting? (ie. the one in {project-root}/.meteor/release)

When you first run your app, it will check if it has the exact version of meteor it was built with and download it if it doesn’t.
Then it will check that it has the exact versions of every package it uses (in {project-root}/.meteor/versions), and download them if they aren’t available.

After eveything’s been installed once, it will use the local install and not fetch from the internet, so you may just need to install and run with every package you expect to need before going offline

project directory .meteor/release says “METEOR@1.6.1”
$HOME/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool has “1.6.1_1”

I can’t really tell if those are the same or not.

EDIT: It seems they’re not as if I let the download go, it makes a 1.6.1 in $HOME/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool.

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