Meteor Toys 3 Live Demo (edit: plus discount code!)

Nothing wrong with a bit of playtime :sunglasses:

EDIT: some have said the Toys are a bit pricey so I made a limited time coupon. It’ll drop a bit every couple of days so use it fast :smiley: the code is ‘playtime:slight_smile:



[Just some random text because of 20 words text limit]

thanks - edited with a big coupon code :smiley:

Do you have a changelog available that I can take a look at?

I use the Pro version of Meteor Toys 3. What comes next for Meteor Toys?

good job, Max

well done!

Check out

Nice to see you’re alive :slight_smile:

No idea, I think they are very complete. I’m still debating whether to continue my involvement with Meteor or focus on something else.


You are working on a router?

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Not yet announced:

going to tweak the readms some more, not sure if the benefit is clear yet

I’m on iron router and blaze and am thinking of migrating to flow router. Does it support templates? Why did you build it?