Meteor Toys 3 : Toys Make Life Better, plus


Juuuust in case you guys haven’t had enough of them :sunglasses:

there’s also a free treat there from Compose :slight_smile:


Hi Max,

I’m on running on Meteor I have the full paid version of Meteor Toys (I might have bought it over a year ago now).

My version of Meteor Toys is stuck at meteortoys:allthings 2.0.0 (I cannot do a meteor update meteortoys:allthings and get the update).

My question is, you have what looks to be a new version of Meteor Toys at version 3. Is it possible for me to pay $99 again and upgrade to this latest version with my version of Meteor? And if so, will I get all the functionality with my version of Meteor?

If it is possible, how can I go about upgrading?



Since this can’t be found on the website, I’ll post it here to maybe save someone time, Meteor Toys 3 works with Meteor 1.2+ only.


hey Adam, thanks for covering in this. yes - Meteor Toys 3 work with 1.2 only and the upgrade was free for current customers


@msavin I’m on Meteor and I’m currently running meteortoys:allthings 2.3.1. Is there an upgrade to this version? Can I upgrade to Meteor Toys 3 for free? If not how can I get a new license?


Hmm - maybe something is holding back your update? are you running just ‘allthings’ or have Mongol/etc installed seperately? the only needed package is ‘allthings’. Maybe an add/remove would fix it?


Add/Remove did the trick – thanks for the super tool! Are you working on enhancements? What are you doing next, monitoring tools would be great!


I’m still trying to figure that out. Back with me to Toys began Meteor focused around providing a singular path. These days, it’s not really clear what their agenda is. I am very interested where the where the community wants to go with Meteor.