Meteor Toys free alternative package


Hello all!

I remember having found a free alternative to the Meteor Toys package (I think it was on
I seem to have a total brain meltdown and cannot find it anymore… I checked the forums, crater, github, pocket, bookmarks,… but nothing.

Anyone who knows which package I’m talking about?

Thanks a bunch.


mongol is the free (lite) version of Meteor Toys.


Thanks, but the package I am talking about was not affiliated with Meteor Toys.


Can’t find it too. I think it was deleted.


Are you guys talking about Constellation ?


Oh, great, this is it! Maybe add a screenshot to readme, I even opened it, but didn’t recognise it.


I’m not the one behind it, but @babrahams is on this forum :wink:


i like :shower:
super like


That’s the one indeed! Wow, this time I’ll bookmark it better :smile:

Thanks a bunch @shad!


Wow, this looks super awesome!

I had to remove mongol after it barfed when I upgraded to 1.2 (took forever to figure out it was the culprit).

Glad to have an alternative!


Very awesome indeed.

Is there perhaps a master list of Meteor development tools? That’s something that for sure deserves a section in the new MDG guide.


It seems there is: (agree it would be good to have in the new guide).


File an issue on the guide repo?


It appears there already was a relevant issue filed.


It’s all open source – if someone makes a PR that updates the README with a screenshot, I’ll publish it immediately.


I’ve added screenshots to both packages so that people can see, what they can miss.

Thank you for the packages!


Published on atmosphere! :wink:


oh wow… thank you for Constellation. I find meteor toys just too expensive. I know developers get paid a lot, but working in a no-income startup means $100 is a lot.


More than the expense, it’s just that there wasn’t a straightforward pathway to contribute and innovate on the Mongol platform (at the time I forked and refactored it into Constellation).

There have been some steps to make this easier with the ToyKit™ initiative, but I still personally prefer a platform that innovators can leverage without needing to get a PR merged or a package published on their behalf.

That said, I remain in awe of the Mongol -> Meteor Toys project and the vision of its developer.