Meteor Toys insane CPU usage or just me?

Anyone have this “problem” (not really a big problem, but bothersome a little) where the development app has crazy CPU usage. There is no way it could be my app itself in production mode, so I look at Kadira and find this:

Meteor Toys making tons of query calls. I’m thinking this could be a reason why my CPU usage via Kadira is approaching 50%.

In production? It was my understanding MT was not deployed in prod.

Are you sure that the CPU overhead is coming from Meteor Toys, and not from Meteor itself? It seems you are comparing the performance of a local develpoment environment to a deployed app on a production server.

Even if Meteor Toys made 1000 method calls a minute, Meteor should be able to handle that fine on a single server, and your machine is probably more powerful than that server.

Meteor Toys don’t do much when they are not being used. The only time it uses methods aggressively is when using the inline editor on Mongol, as that basically runs an Method whenever you focus out of an element.

One issue I could see is using huge publications, or using AutoPub on a massive database. That could naturally cause performance problems - and maybe it can point you to the issue.