Meteor Toys is Abandoned?

It seems as though Meteor Toys is abandoned. I’m a paid customer and have been trying to reach @msavin for several months about an issue and have received no response. Just wanted to let other Meteor devs know.

meteor-dev-tools and JetSetter haven’t been updated in five years. mongol has a few seemingly minor updates.

I just wanted to put an official ask to @msavin if this is abandoned? If so, you probably should take down your package’s premium upgrade/payment portal - as that seems to be working fine still. Not a cool move to be selling something and then have radio silence on it.

@filipenevola The free and open-source mongol and JetSetter would probably be excellent candidates for community packages to keep up to date. As I find these utilities essential in development. More so than the paid upgrade version actually - which has issues - which is why I’m trying to reach @msavin.


Not sure is you noticed the new Meteor DevTools Evolved

I’ve only been using them for about 1 month now, but they are pretty nice, not quite as many things included as Meteor Toys, but I’d say the essentials are covered well.

I’m using Vue’s dev tools for my front-end dev along with the Meteor DevTools Evolved


Meteor Toys was an awesome tool, shame that it’s been abandoned but I think there must not have been that many paying customers to justify keeping it up to date?

I agree with @mullojo - devtools evolved are awesome, some of the meteor toys features would be awesome (like AutoPublish).

Hey folks, Meteor Toys are definitely not going away :slight_smile:

Right before Tiny acquired Meteor, it felt like Meteor would shut down any time, so I just updated Mongol as that is the key package. However, I’ve spoken with the new management recently and Meteor Toys will be making a comeback soon :slight_smile:


Great news! Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Thanks for responding. We all love the tools and your work!

Good to hear :+1:.

Open source is way more resilient than most people think as long as it genuinely provides an economic advantage, I’ve seen many big tech go down after being acquired by companies etc, but with open-source, it is always a pleasure to see smart folks step up to pick up the slack and frankly I’m glad that Meteor is out of Silicon Valley with working business model.

The community is growing and Meteor Toys is very well positioned to grow with it so I hope to see it developed further.

P.S I’m a paying customer and I hope we get to see the react version as well :wink:

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Does anyone have Meteor Toys working with later version of Meteor? How about the latest version? Just curious about compatibility.

Ughhh I need to release it haha


At least update it for compatibility with newer versions of Meteor. I still use it all the time, and I have a paid license.

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