Meteor Tricks: simple data validation

As I can see, many Meteor developers use SimpleSchema for data validation.

SimpleSchema is great, but it’s a little bit complicated. Usually you can just use Meteor’s check library. It’s very simple, allows you to create your own data types and keeps your code flat.

I was using Meteor for about two years, but discovered the greatness of check library just a month ago. So maybe there are other Meteor developers who still haven’t payed enough attention to check.

See how cool it is:

import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';
import { Match, check } from 'meteor/check';

const Albums = new Mongo.Collection('albums');

// helpers
const URL_REGEXP = /^https?:\/\/[\w\d.-_/]+\/?&/;
const Optional = Match.Optional;
const isString = (s) => Match.test(s, String);

// data types
const NonEmptyString = Match.Where((s) => isString(s) && s.length > 0);
const Url = Match.Where((s) => isString(s) && URL_REGEXP.test(s));
const Integer = Math.Integer;

// model description
const AlbumModel = {
  ownerId: String,
  title: NonEmptyString,
  description: Optional(String),
  photos: Optional([
      caption: Optional(String),
      url: Url,
      size: { width: Integer, height: Integer },

  createAlbum(album) {
    check(album, AlbumModel);
    check(album.ownerId, this.userId);


  updateAlbumTitle(albumId, newTitle) {
    check(newTitle, AlbumModel.title);
    check(Albums.findOne(albumId).ownerId, this.userId);

    Albums.update(albumId, { $set: { title: newTitle } });

Have to agree. SimpleSchema is great for enforcement of rules, but I’ve found it too inflexible when it comes to feedback. Started using some patterns based around check and Match, throwing my own errors and have had a lot better experience.

Still, for a quick project, I definitely see the benefits of SimpleSchema.