Meteor Tutorial bug for Win7 users?


When attempting to follow the Meteor Tutorial under Windows7, after doing a successful Meteor install under Step 0, Step 1 starts with “open a terminal”, which results in a “command not recognized error”.

I had to “open a terminal with Administrator privileges”.

The underlying problem is the PATH variable: The path to meteor.bat is present in %PATH% only when the shell is run with Administrator privileges.

Is this the intended behavior? It seems very odd, given that the app itself is installed under the user AppData directory.

This could be either an installer bug or a tutorial bug, tough for me to tell.


Sorry for the late reply. This sounds like a bug. Can you please file it in GitHub?


It seems to be a statefulness issue concerning when environment variable changes take effect.

  1. Within the current shell, the effect is immediate.
  2. In the user environment, it won’t take effect until the next login.
  3. In the system environment, it won’t take effect until the next boot.

So the user may need to logout and/or restart after the Meteor install. Unless the Meteor install also changes the current (live) environment.