Meteor Twilio & Accounts SMS


We created two packages that we wanted to share.

Twilio - a wrapper package for the Twilio apis for making calls, sending SMS/MMS, and looking up basic phone number information using Twilio’s lookup api.

Accounts-sms - a package that allows user accounts to login with their phone number and a verification code delivered via SMS with meteor-twilio.

Twilio SMS functionality not working and Animate Percentile JS Query

Hi, could you please have a look at my question here:



I’m looking for something that works with Twilio from Meteor+React. Do you have any updates, @derekcaneja?


I’m looking at this thread and looks like the code runs on the Server side. Is this correct? Also do you recommend using this package for sending and receiving calls? Is there something better. I have to use Twilio.


Just use the Twilio npm package with Meteor.wrapAsync