Meteor + Twitter Bootstrap theme building issues

Hi, I want to create a website asap for a presentation.

I’m going to use a Twitter Bootstrap Template, like the ones available for free or under payment.
I’m trying a template, but when I insert in meteor the files from the Template, the command “meteor” get stucked and doesn’t build the app.

Any idea of why the building get blocked?
Any suggestion about how to integrate a Twitter Boostrap Template in the faster way possible?
(I’d prefer to modify the least possible the front-end, for instance inserting only some template for dynamic contents)

Thank you very much!

is not a Twitter project long time ago. Only Bootstrap. :smile:
My self use INSPINIA template, very cheap for all that offer.

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You just need to add bootstrap framework to your project. Firstly you simply need to type: “meteor add twbs:bootstrap” in your command line. (IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to navigate to your project folder first!)

Once bootstrap package is installed, you follow instructions on like you normally would.

For instance: go to and choose one of the basic templates. Lets say pick “Jumbotron” for this purpose. Copy source code and paste it to your project_name.html file.

I hope it helps.

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Thanks for your suggestion. In particular, I was talking about theme like these
Is it the procedure the same? Because there are a lot of files and they are a bit confusing, with respect of simple template that you built in tutorials

INSPINIA from Have a Meteor Blaze version. It have all front-end functionality, is let to you write backend code, Collections, methods, schemas, …
This template include a landing page project and a Admin page base on:

Developers of this template are planned a react version you get for free on for live updates.

*I don´t work for inspinia only a satisfied client :smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion! What are the differences between template that have a Meteor Blaze version and generic templates?

generic templates (plain HTML) don´t work with Meteor.
Blaze Template look like HTML and add javascript for manage the events on HTML element like: button click, form input, … and javascript helpers, and template life cycle for pass data to template from database, …

INSPINIA is a good starting point cause his design is very well made and have very good support from authors. And is easy to learn and customize.

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