Meteor unable to connect to other db


Hello Guys,

Just want to share our problem just in case some people encountered this already. We have two different database from mongolab, the development db and the production db…but after the upgrades of mongodb on both database the meteor app is now only works on our development db and it doesn’t work on production db. It’s hard to explain actually because when I put a .find codes on the main.js on server side and log it I got the data but the client side don’t work. I tried to console log on some of my methods that is being called from client but it doesn’t log anything even a test word. I know it’s weird issue but we already spend couple of days to fix but still not working until now.

Any help is appreciated…



I think we are missing more info to help brainstorm.

Here is how I would debug this:
Start with a clone of the dev dB and slowly move over data from the prod dB until it breaks your app. At that point you will see what is wrong.