Meteor Universal fork 1.2.1 on ARM (UDOO, Raspberry, ODroid, others)


Last night we also updated the Meteor universal fork @ GitHub to the current stable release 1.2.1. As promised we provide full ready pre-built dev_bundles for ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures. Installation on those is as easy and smooth like the official meteor installer.

Please look at the README on the project’s page on Github with installation instructions and additional information. You find all the ready-to-use dev_bundles at our BINTRAY Repository.

Quick reminder: We have ported the bundled release of mongodb 2.6.7 to ARM architecture as well as doing some bug fixes on node-fibers fork for ARM. So the pre-built dev_bundles are delivering “exactly” the same versions also on your ARM boards. You do not need to compile yourself anymore on this architectures to run meteor (hopefully ;-))


This fork is known to work on:

  1. UDOO Dual, Quad, Neo (Lubuntu 12.04, Debian Jessie, UDOObuntu 2, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  2. Raspberry Pi 1B + Pi 2 (Raspbian wheezy + jessie, Ubuntu 14.04)
  3. ODROID C1 + U3 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  4. BeagleBone Black (Ubuntu 14.04)
  5. PcDuino v3 (Ubuntu 14.04)
  6. Server (Debian, Ubuntu 14.04)
  7. ARM Chromebook

… plus an uncounted number of compatible OSs driven devices

Meteor 1.2.1 Released
Meteor on ARM (UDOO, Raspberry + others)

Updated list of of known working boards


I posted that map on twitter as well

Mostly Greenland seems not so interested in running meteor on ARM devices … :smile:


@sashko Seems that new ARM Servers are coming into market.