Meteor universal fork for ARM + BSD (Raspberry, UDOO, others ...)

Over the past days we finished our work to the update of the Meteor universal fork and to the update for the current stable release As already prepared for the previous releases, we provide full ready pre-built dev_bundles for ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures and xBSD OS.

Installation on those environments is as easy and smooth like the official meteor installer - check our project’s README how to install. You find all the ready-to-use dev_bundles at our BINTRAY Repository.

Quick reminder: We included again our ported bundle release of mongodb 2.6.7 for ARM architecture. This time we fixed last time open bug of mfloat compilation in v8 engine so that meteor mongo will work now. We are happy that our pre-built dev_bundles are delivering “exactly” the same versions of tools and addons as the official meteor stable release. You do not need to run long time compilations on those small architectures to use meteor.

We have also updated our meteor universal tumblr blog with the latest release info and wrote some small useful blog entry about most support and most common issues.

Hope you have fun to power your IoT devices and embedded systems by this new meteor release.


This fork is known to work on:

  1. UDOO Dual, Quad, Neo (Lubuntu 12.04, Debian Jessie, UDOObuntu 2, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  2. Raspberry Pi 1B + Pi 2 (Raspbian wheezy + jessie, Ubuntu 14.04) + Pi 3 (Raspian)
  3. ODROID C1 + U3 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  4. BeagleBone Black (Ubuntu 14.04)
  5. PcDuino v3 (Ubuntu 14.04)
  6. Server (Debian, Ubuntu 14.04)
  7. ARM Chromebook
  8. FreeBSD
  9. OpenBSD

… plus an uncounted number of compatible OSs driven devices


Sorry for fast posting nearly same entries but @benjamn had published the new stable today and we take the work to deliver also the next universal release to be aligned with the official stable.


Hi, it is pretty nice to see how many do use that fork to run on some of the arm devices.

We are curious, what kind of project you are running powered by meteor on your devices.

If possible, leave a short note here about your project.

Thanks for your interest

This is awesome! I’m inspired to try Meteor on my RPi now :slight_smile:

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First 10 ARM devices got there meteor 1.3.4 update :thumbsup:

I second the curiosity! My first encounters with a DDP-like protocol (thinking it was DDP but who knows how many DDPs there have been over the years) were in distributed simulation environments. Knowing what it could do there and having worked in the embedded avionics world, I’ve wondered at the applications of Meteor in the distributed sensing, distributed control, and situation awareness problems that often come up in the IoT world.

We updated today already for stable release

Hi! Will it work on ARMv8?

Hi @vova

Please check here: Coming soon: Meteor 1.4

I have not yet uploaded any binaries but from meteor 1.4 it will


Tonight I added the dev_bundle binaries for ARMv6 architecture on bintray. Now you may also use this release on the first Raspis.

Let me say that this devices are getting slower and slower as often that meteor raises its functions.

If you build your very first project on the Raspberry 1 be aware of nearly 1.5h preparation time. This will be much faster on the next runs but the first one is already a long runner. To build the complete package by your own (node, mongo, meteor dev_bundle) it took me this time nearly 3 days.

Please check my vote for architectures if you are interested in the universal fork of meteor.


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We updated the dev_bundles and binary files on bintray aligned to lastest updates for Meteor Universal. We checked and tested a number of apps and conditions and all were working well.

So this might be the last release before 1.4 comes out. On any issue about running Meteor on ARMv6 and ARMv7 please let us know at our issue tracker on GitHub.

From the vote it seems, that we will just support ARMv7, ARMv8 + xBSD in future.

This is excellent news!! I was using unofficial meteor forks on my raspberry pi. I’m so excited to tinker around on a tiny computer running my meteor projects. :grinning: Thanks MDG!

Hi @wray

just to be clear: our universal meteor fork is still “unofficial” but we get a lot of help and answers to our questions from MDG and other community members. So I guess, that everyone is happy with this port. MDG just wants to focus on their primary architecture and won’t have to work on tests and reliability for another hardware. We will still continue our invest in that fork as long as usefull for some people and possible for us. Have you seen already that we are also proceeding on the 1.4-beta. Should be ready in time when official stable release will be launched.


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You all did a great job with the Universal fork. Thanks for those efforts.

The trouble with any fork is visibility. Integration means every fork and every download of meteor is universal now. :slight_smile: That’s a great thing.

Cheers to you too, Tom.

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i followed the procedure but when i try meteor --version it will say no command found

you probably need to use ./meteor --version

Hi, was wondering what happened with this project. is a bit dated now, and it appeared you were gearing up with 1.4 a bit over a year & quarter. I’d love to see support for Rpi3 & Meteor 1.5.x (preferably 1.5.2). How’s it going?

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