Meteor Up and Catalina and zsh: don't do it!

After migrating to Catalina mup didn’t work anymore. Running mup deploy I had an error "env: node: No such file or directory".
I found out that the problem was that I moved to zsh —as suggested by apple. Moving back to bash everything worked fine again.

What did they do?


BTW I really really hope that Tiny will put new energy to Meteor Up as well. The community needs to have an open-source tool to deploy apps to a self-hosted server. Today is much more convenient to use Digital Ocean than MDG Galaxy. It would be nice to have a paid service where you can deploy your app for $5 a month including MongoDB.


You should check if your PATH variable contains the path to node and, if not, add it in your ~/.zsrhcfile.

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You are right. I changed a couple of things in the zsh resource file and now I can deploy with zsh. BTW the profile file for zsh apparently is called .zprofile— here’s why

The joys of updating!

As much as zsh is supposed to be better, I’ve got bash set up pretty nicely and don’t want the headaches so I’ll be switching back after I update