Meteor up deploy

i heard and read from several place that meteor app is really hard to deploy on any server is that true ?

i use heroku to test deploy that is easy and it work proper too, but people say that to deploy on actual server like degital ocean its very hard.

give some advise

thank you.

I find galaxy easier that digital ocean.

ok. but how to deloy on it…
share the link please.

As @repsonsive said, Galaxy is the easiest. Because the Meteor CLI supports it out of the box, just do meteor deploy and boom your app is online. However for a single container you are going to shell out roughly 30$ per month + database.

On the other hand you have digital ocean, where you can get cheap as 5$ per month. However you have to setup the server your self. But with meteor up (mupx), it’s pretty easy, because it takes care of the setup process for you.

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