Meteor-Up has new maintainers

I want to share that Meteor Up is being maintained again. Last month @arunoda transferred ownership of the kadirahq/meteorup repository and added me as an owner to the mup npm package.

If you were trying to find mupx or mup 0.x, you would have noticed that the repositories have been moved around.

  • kadirahq/meter-up is now at zodern/meteor-up
  • arunoda/meteor-up redirects to zodern/meteor-up
  • The repository formerly at arunoda/meteor-up (mup 0.x and mupx) has been renamed to arunoda/meteor-up-legacy

In February there were 4 new versions. What changed?

  • Let’s Encrypt support added
  • It validates your mup.js and warns you about potential problems
  • Many small bugs that could make it difficult to get started were fixed, as well as a few causes of silent fails.
  • And more

What’s coming in the next couple months? In the immediate future, I will continue focusing on making it easier to get started with mup. Community members have submitted pull requests that add a reverse proxy for running multiple apps on a server and add support for using a custom nginx config. After that, I will evaluate how well mup follows current best practices and make any needed adjustments. mup@1.3.x will focus on improving the experience when using multiple servers.


@zodern, well done and thanks for taking over. This was one of the most mentioned pain points by the community.

It would be great once you deem it production-ready to update the meteor guide and / or the tutorials by @diaconutheodor

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Thanks a lot for taking over mup, I’m a huge fan of this project, and it was very sad to see it had been abandoned. Glad to hear it will be continued.

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Good job! Keep it up!

This is awesome, thank you so much!

Thank you @zodern ! mup is working (again) fine since your last fixes !
I would like to help closing some of the 136 open issues, but rather than submitting PR individually, I would like to run some closing sprints with pair-programmers (at least one ;)), any volunteer ?
@ffxsam could you please setup a Discord channel deployement-mup to prepare/run the sprints ?

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As mup was failing, I had to deploy my app manually using passenger+nginx. Thanks a lot for this take over, I will switch to mup again in coming weeks.

This is great news! Well done :slight_smile:

This is fantastic :blush: