Meteor-up several domains

Hi guys!
I’m using meteor up (
I have an app that has 2 domains in “” and it works fine but google / fb auth does not works,
cause it redirects to the “main” domain the one that set in ROOT_URL.
Is there a way around it, other than create 2 docker instances with correct ROOT_URL?

Maybe it is possible to do from account-google / account-common side
But I don’t think it’s a good idea to fork them

This isn’t related to mup. It’s just configuration.

OAuth requires your domain to be TLD the same as the one obtaining the token so you cannot use proxy domains due to security sandbox. You can only forward them to the ROOT_URL or a subdomain of that to authenticate. It’s better to do it all on one domain though because some browsers may crap out.

I partly agree.
But you can set several redirect urls in google project settings.
The issue is that meteor do not allow to set domain
The logic is here: