Meteor-up with meteor toys


I’ve just launched a new app and I’m using Meteor-up for the first time. For some reason, it has built the app and included Meteor Toys, which I use for developing the app.

Is there a way to tell Meteor-up to not include certain packages? or do I have to manually add and remove it each time I run setup and deploy.


I found the issue. People must be copy-and-pasting this code block from their documentation:

meteor: {
  buildOptions: {
    // build with the debug mode on
    debug: true,
    // mobile setting for cordova apps
    mobileSettings: {
      public: {
        'meteor-up': 'rocks',
    // executable used to build the meteor project
    // you can set a local repo path if needed
    executable: 'meteor',

You want to remove or disable the debug flag, which builds the application in development mode.

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