Meteor update 1.5.2 SMTP certificate has expired



I have an issue with sending emails since the latest update. Whenever I dispatch an email in my app, I’ll get his error:

=> Meteor server restarted
I20170908-16:15:53.403(2)? Exception while invoking method 'routers.update' Error: certificate has expired
I20170908-16:15:53.409(2)?     at Object.Future.wait (/Users/janikvonrotz/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.1.5.2.gpkynq++os.osx.x86_64+web.browser+web.cordova/mt-os.osx.x86_64/dev_bundle/server-lib/node_modules/fibers/future.js:449:15)
I20170908-16:15:53.411(2)?     at Mail._syncSendMail (packages/meteor.js:209:22)
I20170908-16:15:53.413(2)?     at smtpSend (packages/email.js:116:13)
I20170908-16:15:53.414(2)?     at Object.Email.send (packages/email.js:174:5)
I20170908-16:15:53.415(2)?     at server/actions/notifications.js:48:13
I20170908-16:15:53.416(2)?     at (native)
I20170908-16:15:53.417(2)?     at dispatchNotification (server/actions/notifications.js:26:9)
I20170908-16:15:53.418(2)?     at [object Object].Meteor.methods.routers.update (server/methods/routers.js:76:9)
I20170908-16:15:53.419(2)?     at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:1768:12)
I20170908-16:15:53.420(2)?     at packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:719:19
I20170908-16:15:53.428(2)?     - - - - -
I20170908-16:15:53.429(2)?     at Error (native)
I20170908-16:15:53.431(2)?     at TLSSocket.<anonymous> (_tls_wrap.js:1065:38)
I20170908-16:15:53.432(2)?     at emitNone (events.js:67:13)
I20170908-16:15:53.433(2)?     at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:166:7)
I20170908-16:15:53.434(2)?     at TLSSocket._init.ssl.onclienthello.ssl.oncertcb.TLSSocket._finishInit (_tls_wrap.js:623:8)
I20170908-16:15:53.437(2)?     at TLSWrap.ssl.onclienthello.ssl.oncertcb.ssl.onnewsession.ssl.onhandshakedone (_tls_wrap.js:453:38)

The smtp url is set by using the env var:


As you can see I’m not using TLS at all. The server is a Microsoft Exchange server.

Has anybody experience sending mails via Exchange? Or is there a way to debug this issue?


Are you sure your server isn’t enforcing TLS? I would guess so, as the error is thrown inside an TLSSocket.


Thank you for your reply

So the server can initiate a tls connection despite the connecting string does not contain “smtps://”? I will ask the exchange admin if he can make sure that all certificates used by the server are valid.


That’s how I interpreted the section in the upgrade guide. Not sure, though. I’m not an SMTP expert, either. Was just a guess.