Meteor update doesn't update react


I noticed that meteor doesn’t seem able to update my installed react package past 0.1.7 even though it knows there’s a newer version. Is it just me and if so what might be causing such behavior?

I’m wondering if this might be related to the trouble I’m having where I need to reinstall meteor after every code change to solve a problem where it can’t find modules.


I think there are still a couple issues to sort out with the constraint solver as often time it doesn’t work as you would think it should. Try running meteor add react@0.1.9


I was wondering about that. I assume this means it thinks some other package isn’t compatible with the update. Is there some way of figuring out what that other package is?


It’s my understanding that any conflicts should be reported to the console. There are times though that I find that this is not the case. They seem to make updates to the constraint solver with every release so this could get much better in v1.2


Here’s what happens trying to force the update:

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint react-runtime@0.13.3_5 is not satisfied by react-runtime 0.13.3_4.
Constraints on package "react-runtime":
* react-runtime@0.13.3_5 <- react 0.1.9

Ok, so how do I figure out what’s got react-runtime stuck at 0.13.3_4? Sure would be nice if there was some way to get it to dump some sort of dependency graph.


I personally would head up the line and user meteor add react-runtime@0.13.3_5 and see if it gives you more details or even possibly just upgrades react-runtime which will then allow you to upgrade react.


What’s this isobuild:prod-only package and why would it be unknown to meteor? I don’t see any explicit dependency on it.

$ meteor add react-runtime@0.13.3_5
 => Errors while adding packages:             
While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint react-runtime-prod@=0.13.3_3 is not satisfied by react-runtime-prod 0.13.3_2.
Constraints on package "react-runtime-prod":
* react-runtime-prod@=0.13.3_3 <- react-runtime 0.13.3_5

$ meteor add react-runtime-prod@0.13.3_3
 => Errors while adding packages:             
While selecting package versions:
error: unknown package: isobuild:prod-only
Required by: react-runtime-prod 0.13.3_3


Hmm, this looks like the new React packages could rely on code that isn’t in the current release and might need to be used with a preview release or wait till 1.2


That would make sense I guess. For some reason none of the react-packages packages include versionsFrom(‘1.2’) that would indicate such a dependency.


I’m gonna wager a guess that the React package is pinned at 0.1.7 on purpose. (maybe 0.1.9 isn’t ready for prime time?)