Meteor update execution time hits 2h!

Im just starting my third hour of Windows based ‘meteor update’ command run. It’s a little boring so just wanted to share my experience. My gaming class box is 100% hdd saturated for last 2h, hope will not burn. Will keep you updated …

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That is not meant to happen.
I don’t dev on a windows machine, but on my macbook it sometimes spikes but never takes longer than 5-10 minutes to update.

edit: sorry I don’t have a useful solution, maybe another windows dev can help.

Something else is going on for sure. I dev on windows and linux and sure it takes a bit longer on windows but at most 15 minutes when updating versions. Sorry for the headache!

Finshed after almost 3h … Be sure nothing but system monitor tools worked at a time. Had faster updates before but from 1.3.2 it’s so slow.

It seems the problems come from some packages build using babel-compiler (fourseven, templating etc).

I have got such a message after the update, as well.

Not updating the release, because this app is at a newer release (METEOR@ than
the latest recommended release (METEOR@1.3.1).
Your top-level dependencies are at their latest compatible versions.

I’ve always had painfully long install and update times on Windows. OSX and Ubuntu are fine and like @cstrat said, only take a few minutes. Updating to 1.3 on an i5 surface pro required me to leave it running all day and night. When I arrived at work the next day it was complete, so it must have taken at least 5 hours.

I too have experienced this while developing on a windows machine, I think somewhere around 3 hours.

Also in the same boat. Since 1.3 any kind of update or “meteor add” has increased its time exponentially. Also for initial build times. I guess it has to do with checking all the npm packages or something

Good I’m not alone :slight_smile:

What I have found is that it’s not a problem of the transfer volume but more like open files amount.
Have read somewhere it’s nodejs problem on windows. Meteor use very old node and npm ports.
File system history is not helping as well if you work on thousands of files a time.

Partial solution for those who has more then one HDD installed.
The problem seems to be the number of concurrent files accesses during the nodejs script execution.

There two main folders involved:

  • meteor install folder which is C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\.meteor
  • system temporary folder, (taken from the env variable TEMP or TMP) usually C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\temp (or tmp)

What solved my updates problem and made execution time more like on the linux boxes, is to move the TEMP folder onto another, physical HDD drive connected using separate SATA cable.

This way you will get two separate data channels for your chipset.

Get back and share results. My last update ( took about 15-20 min :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, but having to carry another HDD everytime I want to update meteor seems a little excesive. I will try when being in a rush though. Hopefully this will get solved when windows 10 gets native bash :slight_smile:

I have 4 HDDs at place …

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My update to just now was less than 6 min. My main drive is an SSD on Windows 10 x64 with 16GB so that might explain the quicker install.

SSD explains short time for sure.

I’ve been running on SSD’s the entire time too, it’s not quick though. I haven’t tested anything since 1.3rc on Windows yet. Once I get a chance to test I’ll report back.