Meteor update / meteor add 500 Internal Server Error

I’m trying to determine if something is wrong with my install or if something is wrong with the meteor servers. Any package install (not NPM, just meteor) ends in an internal server error 500.

*** If someone can just try on their machine and report back… that would help a lot. I just don’t have much to go off of as far as errors go:

throw error;
Error: Internal server error [500]
at Connection._livedata_result (packages/ddp-client/common/livedata_connection.js:1519:9)


same problem here. Just tried updating and got a 500 error.

I can confirm the same here - getting 500 errors with both meteor update/add.

Thank you. This is actually a relief. Distract myself for a few hours and the problem will go away. Was fearing needing to fix it.

HEY METEOR, there’s an internal server error (and your system status says the package server is up so that might need some work too).

You might try @ing someone from MGD, otherwise your just shouting into the abyss.

@benjamn, @sashko


Looks like they took notice on GitHub =)

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@mainstreetmower Thanks for the reminder about the status page (easy to forget as we’re focusing on the investigation itself):

Please refer to the GitHub issue linked above for further discussion, and/or subscribe to updates on the status page.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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We believe this problem to be resolved and we have updated the status page accordingly. We will continue to monitor the stability of the package server.


Ah yes… the Meteor package server experiences the joys of being an app hosted on Galaxy. Random outage for no known reason.

anyone else experiencing this now? I was able to replicate this again in our CI servers and locally.

We too - in Pipeline & locally

Seems to be fixed again! :partying_face: