Meteor update not updating packages

I tried to update packages in my project, please follow the images

meteor list

meteor update


meteor list


ok try updating individual package


meteor list

in .meteor/packages folder also it is showing 0.3.9 for publish counts

this is happening for some time.

I tested this in ubuntu and mac same behaviour in both


adding packages with version number is working though :smile:

I could be wrong on this, but I think that if one of the packages has a dependency on a previous version (for example on publish counts 0.3.9) it will not update even though it’s telling you it did.

this is a bug in meteor. You should shut down meteor (local or server) and then update packages.

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Thanks @nikhildaga you are exactly right! I had the same problem and shutting down meteor allowed me to update. :+1:

Just adding this for completeness: (it’s fixed in devel).