Meteor update on Windows



I would like update Meteor on my OS, but the installer ( don’t work. After installing, if i start “meteor” on my command line, i’ve “Downloading meteor-tool@1.3.0_3”, but after 1 hour, i’ve cancel :slight_smile:

Do you have idea what is the problem ?

Thank you community,


It takes a great deal longer on Windows, for unclear reasons. Wait 2 hours.


why is meteor tool downloading itself? interrupting dev time significantly. npm is doing great, however?


I may be wrong, but I don’t think it should take that long. Maybe the install got stuck for some unknown reason. Did you try stopping it and running it again?
If that doesn’t help, it would be good if you could tell us what exact steps you took to install it, what version of Windows you’re using, what hardware, where it gets stuck, etc.

  1. Everything was good

  2. I played with Mantra sample blog, then decided to learn about accounts and other stuff

  3. Cloned meteor-mantra-kickstarter

  4. In cmd I recieved message that I need to update Meteor (I had already updated it while starting sample blog app)

  5. Ok

  6. “Downloading tools” and other stuff, it stucked in “building application” and I cancelled.

  7. Then I tried to run sample blog again and failed.

  8. Ok, I decided to reinstall Meteor (unsitalled it, dowload new version from

  9. Now, trying to run anything but I can’t

  10. Have this err:

  11. Also I’ve read some post about “downloading meteor-tools every time” and It was said that I should install Meteor globally but I have no idea how to do it on Windows.

Would be glad If smbd can help me :sweat_smile:


Same problem occurring also with me.
Please Help me If anyone know how to resolve it.

I am stuck to updating meteor.

I have created apps on Meteor 1.2.x. But, now Meteor 1.3 is released. and as I was running meteor command in command prompt then it told me to update your meteor version to 1.3.4.

I have tried meteor update command then downloading started. But as progress bar filled it disappeared but downloading still continue.

I had kept it from 1 to 2 hours but downloading was never end. then I uninstall Meteor and again install it’s 1.3 version. After this I tried to run meteor command in the same app as above it still behave same. again I kept it form 1 to 2 hours but downloading never end.

Please help me what should I do? I have stuck.