Meteor used in non-traditional way


I have a unique project. It’s a laser tag gun scoring system.

The basic idea is to run a local server that communicates with the laser tag guns via a Wi-Fi connection calculating scores and displaying them on a screen.

The guns will run an arduino board or similar.

What are your thoughts on doing this in meteor running on the sever? All points of view are welcome.


It sounds like a perfect use case for Meteor subscriptions.


Totally agree with @vikr00001. Meteor’s role as a dashboard is actually the perfect use-case for Meteor. However the question is how you connect the guns. I would not use Meteor’s DDP system for that, but simply fire REST api requests on a Meteor webapp endpoint.


Just had to say this sounds like an absolute blast to build.


Same for me. @ralanyo can you share some updates along the way? :blush:


Thanks guys. I am looking forward to building it. I like the real time aspect of meteor and I’m somewhat comfortable with it. Just wanted to see if you guys thought it was a good fit and how best to use it. I’ll keep you guys updated.