Meteor User creation


I have an application with a subcription form.
But, the subscription in proceed with 3 steps :

  1. User information
  2. Select Plan
  3. Credit Card information

So now I create the user in the first step. But I want to create the account if only the user finish the 3 steps.

My question is how keep the user information until he reachs the last step. (In a DB ? in Session ?..)

I use the Mantra architecure with React-kompozer, Tracker and React Dict.

Have you got some solutions to do that ?


Check “Wizard plugins” like:

You have to create a form and keep information between tabs

In the last step, u can do the Submit and send the form to the server

when the user clicks Next you can do anything you like, so validate the fields (user information) then render a new template with a new form and carry over the ‘submitted’ fields data as hidden values.On the final submit you can actually persist the data with a meteor-method

viewmodels can help with managing state

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Thanks for your reply, you two have good idea !

But don’t want to refactor my code… I use Session with Reactive Dict, it’s a good solution ? Or it’s a bad things ?

whatever works! you can always refactor later if you have a compelling reason!