Meteor.users collection

I’m new to meteor and I’ve reading a lot however I’m a little confused around the meteor.users collection and the best way to use it. My interpretation of the best practice guide is that meteor.users collection should only be used for managing the accounts.ui package; email, password and username. The guide states that profile is insecure, a flaw in the original meteor design and should not be used.

So my question is, if I want to create a user profile that contains things like first name, last name, age, address, avatar etc do I create a separate collection like ‘userProfile’ and link it using the meteor.userid or am I suppose to keep it in the meteor.users collection somehow?

You can keep it in users collection, there’s no problem with it. You just need to use a separate publication.

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I think if you let user put info in profile field, they can change any of the info from client side, this approach with the advantage of optimistic UI, but disadvantage of security. So, if you ask put something like avatar in profile field, I’ve said that should be fine, but maybe not the user name, user Id, etc that can impact your user data integrity on the server side. Hope this help

OK. Thanks for the answers. I also posted this on stackoverflow. I’ve copied and posted the answer that Michael Floyd wrote. His explaniation is great. If someone knows how I can give him the credit, please update my post or let me know what I have to do.

Answer - Michel Floyd

Common practice is to put user profile information such as the kind you’re describing into Meteor.user().profile. In fact people often do much more, for example memberships in groups, arrays of postIds, all kinds of things. Keeping a separate 1:1 profile collection is an option but there’s no fundamental reason to do so that I can think of. On the contrary it makes things just a bit more complicated.

Meteor.user().profile is always auto-published for the current user even after the autopublish package has been removed. Information about other users is not published at all unless you explicitly setup a publication. In that case care must be taken to only publish those fields that should be visible to other users. For example you may only want to publish the usernames of other users and not their email addresses for privacy. You would do this with:

   return Meteor.users.find({},{ fields: { 'profile.username': 1 }});

You might also restrict the set of other users that is published based on them being connected in some way to the current user to avoid publishing all users all the time.

You should also avoid publishing the services key which contains security information about the user (ex: the bcrypt of their password). As @David Weldon points out in the comments, you shouldn’t put other security information in the profile either and you probably want a deny rule on the user modifying their own profile from the client.

Thanks everyone!