Meteor.users.find -> Corresponding JSON


I am taking a looking at the JSON Object returned when calling Meteor.users.find(). The data looks something like:

{ ‘7YpiN5uAmHzE6SD38’:
{ _id: ‘7YpiN5uAmHzD4SP78’ },
{ _id: ‘hZjaH5FJifE7opqiJ’}

When I call find() on any other collection, the JSON will looks exactly how we expect it:

{ _id: ‘m7E3SaDeTDcXf8QsZ’
{ _id: ‘KDcCsxQF6uC3SYtJt’,

Why is the data on the users collection retrieved this way? Is there a way to retrieve user documents in a more normalized way?



That’s pretty strange as I don’t have the same behavior on my applications.

> Meteor.users.find().fetch()
[ { _id: 'xoGqMnpCQRitgHF7S',
    createdAt: Fri Aug 21 2015 08:19:22 GMT+0200 (Romance Daylight Time),
     { password: [Object],
       email: [Object],
       resume: [Object] },
    username: 'fabian',
    emails: [ [Object] ]

What version of Meteor do you use?