Meteor.users not working with latest MongoDb 3.4.1

Upgraded from 3.2.9 to 3.4.1 (latest version). All is fine until I load a db which I used before (as I’m still testing I have several versions of my data). I get the following error message when loading the users collection:

Failed: worker.users: error creating indexes for worker.users: createIndex error: The field 'safe' is not valid for an index specification. Specification: { name: "username_1", ns: "worker.users", safe: true, sparse: 1, unique: true, key: { username: 1 } }

Worker is the name of my db, in case someone wonders.

Has anyone else run into this error yet? I’m not sure what to do about it other than downgrading to 3.2.9 again but that’s not a feasible solution for everyone I guess.

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Is anybody else on MongoDb 3.4.1?

Perhaps this will help:

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I switched over my production stack to 3.4.1 today. All went smooth and I’m not finding any problems thus far. I’m hosting on Atlas and used their service to switch my replica set over. I’m also running a backup cluster on 3.2 just incase… I have tested most of my app functions including user management functions and I can’t notice any difference.

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