Meteor using pure js

Hello how can I set up a metro app without using any framework like react, blaze, vue or svelt.
But I also need to add a few JavaScript multimedia library such as wad.js.

Hi @jeezs !!
Could you describe in more detail what you are trying to do? Are you building a headless app?

I don’t know what wad.js is. Regardless, if you want to remove specific MeteorJS packages that have been installed by default, at the command line, type:

meteor remove <package_name>

To see what packages are installed, at the command line type:

meteor list

see [Meteor docs] (Command Line | Meteor API Docs) for more info.

To install a package from npm, you could use:

npm install <package_name>
meteor npm install <package_name>

If you need to install the package globally, use the non-meteor npm and add the “-g” flag.

see Using npm - Meteor docs.

Thanks for answer.
I try to create a solution to make a software that can produce any kind of digital media in a single app.think PDF capable of producing drawing music production and video editing.
The whole solution will be entirely scriptable using ruby language.
Now I need an framework that’ll work on any platform including desktop mobile and can also be embedded although low latency is required for audio, native super powered processing isn’t. web performance will be enough with current device processors.simplicity and innovative UI.can make the difference.For Now I’ll investigate many framework but here too, simplicity, fast startup, and small footprint is what I’m looking for.As we will make our own logic, widgets and U.I…Frameworks like react or so and not wanted as they would make the task much more complex. Small JS libs as the opposite can be included to avoid reinventing the wheel for many tools. We consider to deliver the whole solution as a ruby gem so little dependencies is also important (if we can deal without NPM per example!). At least we want to use the web technologies as they are easy and fast to set up and works everywhere and be certainly future proof and evolve rapidly, especially sum up this a very exiting and rather big and complex project, were on it for more than 10 years now. Again thanks for your help and asking