Meteor vanilla or in combination with react or angular?

Hey people out there !
I really need some experienced opinions.
For my bachelor thesis I want to build a web application, but I am really new into that stuff.
So I want to try out and build something like a learning all-rounder, where you can learn with index cards, maybe also mindmaps and todolist but keeping it simple. Now I’ve to question it’s enough using meteor vanilla, or do I may reach to point where I need to add another framework like react or angular? And is it possible to add one of these framework later on?

Kind regards Mey

Hey @meychen ,
sounds like a cool project :slight_smile:

Here are some thoughts.
If you’re new to all this I’d definitely go with Meteor + Blaze.
You can pretty much do anything quite effectively in Blaze, it’s pretty easy to pick up and has a lot of community packages to add extra functionalities if you need to. So yeah, I’d recommend that route. Meteor, Blaze, Flow-Router and go! :slight_smile:

React gets a lot of hype at the moment. But to be fair it definitely brings some very clever ideas to the table. But it also has a much steeper learning curve because it introduces some completely new concepts. Especially if you’re new to all this.


I haven’t really worked with Angular, but as far as I know it also is harder to pick up than Blaze.

Make sure you build your app small piece by small piece. That way you have a lot more success-moments and you can always add to the parts that already work :slight_smile:

If you’re stuck somewhere, just come to the forum and ask.
Many very nice and clever people around here.

And of course:
Try to enjoy the learning experience! Stumbling and falling is always part of it :slight_smile:

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@nilsdannemann thank you very much for your advice!
I was so unsure, which way to go because of all the hypes at the moment.
And so far I can say as really new beginner, meteor + blaze is easier to understand.
The only worry I had was that may need an other framework to reach the aim.

Kind regards,


No worries. Happy to help.

I guess if you would end up with an app the size of Facebook (thousands of components) Blaze would start to show some performance issues. Or so I’ve heard. I have never experienced this myself and think Blaze is totally cool. Especially because of it’s simplicity.

Anyway, enjoy the adventure man!
Definitely time well spent for a bachelor thesis in my eyes. :slight_smile:

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