Meteor version update without breaking hot code reload on iOS and Android

Just wondering if there’s any way to update Meteor version without breaking the hot code reload. Previously when we updated the Meteor version the hot code reload on iOS and Android stop working until we published a new version to their respective app store.

I don’t think there is any way. As I remember from working with Cordova, there are other things also that would not go through an HCP, such as adding a new NPM library (and changes in the Cordova plugins indeed) . I don’t really have a list of client side change types that would require a new publication in the store or a more general formulation of principles regarding this.

If not using Cordova, there is this way to cache assets:

My answer would be, it depends. Just test it out. I have updated some versions where it does not get broken.

One option, I was thinking, is to deploy the new version and build the app on a subdomain, while the apps are in review the current version will not get broken. And once they are accepted, deploy the new version to the main server, and then publish another build with the main server