Meteor versions

I did the meteor’s page tutorial todo-list_app like a week ago (lets call the directory “first”, now I wanted to re do it more manually and slow-paced, (in a new directory called “new”) I took all the files from “first” and replaced it in “new” to check that all was running properly ,but it always shows an error of this type “function not defined…(and the paths of where “function” is called)” (the function has been render, describe… and others that appears in the files of “first”).
I tried running “first” again, but from that directory all is good, I guess it has something to do with meteor versions but no clue of how to “fix” it.

Are you copying files inside one Meteor project or did you create a new meteor project and transferred the files?

What do you mean by “all the files”?

Selected all the files from “new” copied , and pasted them in “first”, (replacing client, server, .meteor, and all the other files of a default directory).

Those explanations contradict each other.

Sorry, its the second. (Is it understable?)