Meteor Video & Audio chat

I need some suggestions regarding Video & Audio chat like WhatsApp in Meteor.

I want to develop Video & Audio Chating with all possible features, most likely to WhatsApp.

Are there some cool libraries available for this?

Just need guidance in right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you should check out WebRTC at first, it’s becoming a widely implemented standard by all major browsers. Many of your requirements for live audio or live video are solved there. By focusing on this standard you can leverage Meteor’s power for your business logic, accounts and database connection etc.


I was just looking at ConnectyCube for this same use case. Anybody use them before?

Would this support Video & Audio chat across mobile apps via DDP?

I am gonna say no. To be fair you did not mention that requirement.

Well I mentioned “WhatsApp” alike in my post, but anyways. I would like to have this functionality across Web & Mobile Platforms.

WebRTC doesnt communicate over DDP, but that doesnt mean you cant use it along side meteor.

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Any good library on mind to build whatsapp alike app using meteor?

Can you point me towards some tutorial or some demo in action with nice documentation?

This is an open source project, user management and frontend is done with Meteor and it features a SIP server. This should give you a good understanding of how To replicate Zoom which has all the technology that you need.


I’d go with this:


Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated. I will give it a try for sure.