Meteor + VR (A-Frame)

Mozilla released A-Frame this month which is “an open source framework for creating WebVR experiences with markup”.

I spent a few hours today playing around with it and found out that it works out of the box with blaze. Here is an example repo.

I am curious to see what people create with Meteor and VR.

P.S. Please don’t judge me on the demo – it is really lame right now :smile:


Thanks for the tip.

That reminds me of the early days of WebVR, where technologies like VRML and long-gone companies like blaxxun ruled.

Does anybody remember? (I’m getting really old.)


Wow, A-Frame looks awesome! Your demo is great, that’s amazing it can be written directly in Blaze like that!

I’m reading three.js can load VRML models. Would be fun to resurrect this Aztec City model from 1991 : and put it into a Meteor app.


I’m playing around with A-Frame and decided to add support for it into Meteor Kitchen.

Just uploaded latest Meteor Kitchen v0.9.70 and it can produce minimal Meteor application with React + FlowRouter + A-Frame.

Example app is 26 lines of code:

And here is live example:

(International Space Station mini tour).

I know it’s not beautiful and not very useful but it’s VR app with 26 LOC :slight_smile:

@perak lol, nice to see u here again.

I also played Angular 2 and A-Frame a little. I call it VR Museum.

The live demo is here

The GIF for the demo is here:
Too large, cannot upload here.

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