Meteor vs laravel ( in CMS )

Hi all friend , I have problem .

I want to use MVC , like Laravel .
And I want to use Meteor , too.
Is there a way to use both?
My reason for using Larval next to meteor is because I think. Meteor cannot be used to build a content management system (cms).
Please guide me .
Tank you all .

Why couldn’t Meteor be used for making a CMS? I’ve built plenty on Meteor with React or Blaze.

Laravel is PHP, so it can’t be used with Meteor directly. You’d have to do some kind of Meteor front end, and communicate over REST or something.


Like @captainn said, why not? The account system which is the base of any CMS is phenomenal in Meteor. It is only about how you build it.

I think we first have to take a look on what it is you want to achieve, no talk about technologies at this stage.


laravel - PHP framework + Meteor - Full stack framework = :crazy_face: Application

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The most important problem of meteor is the lack of a specific architecture.
And we know that architecture is needed to build a content management system.
Please guide me. And example :tulip:

That does not go well together.

What do you mean by architecture? Architecture to run on? Architecture like MVC model?
Reaction Commerce, which is an e-shop is build with Meteor. You have Rocket.Chat which is a chat system build with Meteor. You have Pathable, which is pretty much a huge CMS. My project Literary Universe is another example of a CMS build with Meteor.

Please explain what is that you want to build.

As previously discussed, you can use any architecture you want with Meteor. If you like MVC and are familiar with it, go ahead!

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