Meteor vs. node.js on how open it is to the community

This great Medium post presents what has changed in node.js community after io.js and node.js merged:

In a year and a half, Node.js has grown from 14 to 87 contributors with commit access. About a year and a half ago, it only had 681 contributors over its entire lifecycle; the contributor list now tops 1084 individuals.

It would be great to get the same statistics from Meteor. How many new contributors have commit access since the beginning of this year, vs. how many contributors have commit access before? What is a difference in number of contributors comparing the beginning of the year and now?


Good question! We’ll dig up those stats today and report back. :slight_smile:


Is there any update regarding the report?

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No but Meteor issues and PRs are more active today than ever before! Unfortunately we haven’t put together the hard stats yet but that’s something we should definitely do.


I would like different stats today. How many core (from core company) developers are contributing to Meteor vs. node.js.