Meteor vs. other reactive data sources

I’m starting a new project that needs a solid reactive data source as a backend. In principle, it should work just like Meteor’s pub/sub.

Since I am a little bit worried about the future of Meteor (and DDP in particular), although I still love it, I am trying to figure out if there are better “best practice” frameworks out there to accomplish this.

I saw an early spec written by Sashko that drafted a reactive GraphQL framework, and I always thought that Apollo would provide this. However, I could find anything about reactivity on the Apollo website. Has this ever been implemented?

Are there other reactivity frameworks out there with strong community adoption, so they are somewhat “future-proof”?


I dont think there is anything as mature as meteor for real time apps out there. There is Featherjs or which took off a bit but honestly if you still love Meteor why not use it?

Meteor is not going away, it’s stable and you already know it. Choosing a newer OS framework will by no means offer you any guarantees unless it has LTS. IMHO there is no “future-proof” in javascript frameworks land.

Future proofing for me means investing in proper engineering, modularity, clean code and decoupled layers. Just my 2 cents.


This might be the best thing you can do to safeguard yourself from the unlikely, unfortunate near future where Meteor for whatever reason becomes obsolete, but also prepares you for the inevitable progress of technology in the more distant future.

Having solid experience with Meteor already, you’re better off achieving these noble goals with Meteor, than any other framework that will bring the burden of adopting new APIs and paradigms.

Build your new app in a way that prepares you for “ejecting” from Meteor and you will hopefully, by accident, also write clear & high quality code :slight_smile:

Meteor?! :grin: (sorry)

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Thanks guys for your input, love to hear that Meteor is still the best option for these type of applications.

I’d still be interested in knowing if a reactive source can also be built with Apollo, as this seemed to be the primary goal of this framework according to an early post and podcast from Sashko back in 2016.

Also read about Amazon Appsync in the meantime, which looked promising, because it supports serverless architectures. Anybody with experience with that in the Meteor community?

I just remembered I came across this a while back:

No experience with it whatsoever, though!

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for!