Meteor Vue 2 -> Vue 3 (with Vuetify)

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at migrating a Meteor (@2.11) Vue 2 + Vuetify Application (reasonable size) to Vue 3, now that Vuetify 3 has reached parity with Vuetify 2…

Originally was planning to first move to Meteor 3, but I think that there are issues with running Vue 2 in latest Meteor (@2.14) , so it may be easier to move to Vue 3 before. Or not?

Any hints? Has anyone made that switch that can provide some recommendation? examples, what not to do, etc. Any help appreciated.


I made the migration to Vue 3 by using Meteor 2.13 GitHub - diavrank/theory-swe: Application which includes theoretical concepts about Software Engineering . It uses Vuetify as well.

Thank!. I had tried 2.14 and had issues… will attempt to stay at 2.11 and give it a go. Will check your repo for clues…

I have a large-ish Vue 2 app that I am planning to update to Meteor 3 and Vue 3 once Meteor 3 is out. Not really sure in wht order. Currently my hopes are on this package: GitHub - JorgenVatle/meteor-vite: ⚡ Replace Meteor's bundler with Vite for blazing fast build-times

I have not yet had the time to look into it in more detail, but the maintainer seems active and project well maintained. Perhaps take a look at that as well.

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