Meteor + Vue boilerplate is lifting off!

The boilerplate is starting to become more complete. I’ve abstracted away most of the required boilerplate code into a ‘core’ folder which greatly reduces the number of files located in the app section. This should make it easier for people to get started without being confronted by complex code.

Now you get for free (no config / boilerplate code):

  • Vue integration into Meteor
  • Multi-layout setup (if needed)
  • Code splitting according to vue recommendations
  • Vuex integration to manage state
  • Serverside Rendering!

Displaying dates with Vue’s filter here seems interesting. Haven’t really thought about that before. Seems like a nice way to cut down vebosity for dates. So immediate benefits from the repo :slight_smile:

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I stole a lot from @akryum. Including that filter. Liked it aswell so decided to keep that example

Can you add a collection and add how to subscribe and show the data in a page. please

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