Meteor + Vue in 2018

Nice work, I will try it out :slight_smile: , i’m soon going to release som projects made with Meter,Vue and Vuetify. I think it is the perfect way to make modern services that also works offline.


About to release a new boilerplate with Vuetify and auth :stuck_out_tongue:. Interested in yours for sure to see what I can adopt :slight_smile:


One of the neat things as i mentioned with Meteor is the “meteor build” and i want to retain this feature but want to move away from older Ionic 2 . Our app uses meteoric ionic which is no longer maintained and there is no newer Meteor Ionic package for the latest Meteor.I do not want to get my head around angular and deal with making latest ionic work with meteor and dig through forums to see how others have one it.
Honestly , i followed meter from the early days. Thought it was super easy to build apps and lately i sense it sure lost its focus/direction. Most of the example apps are broken and feel it is loosing its game…

For now I will explore vue to see if it is the right fit for my app. Are there any good mobile app templates /libraries that can be used as drop ins for a neat cross platform UI that work with Vue and latest meteor version? Older meteor sure had meteoric ionic as well as materialize( seems actively maintained) .